Here are the main VoIP solutions we currently offer:

At galaxtel we offer a world of wholesale VoIP services to a variety of business segments. Out current main solutions include A-Z VoIP Termination (including a Call Center Dialer and Short Duration Termination), VoIP SIP Origination, IP-PBX and an Automatic Dialer solution.

We would be happy to tailor a custom plan according to your business’ needs, whatever the call volume or destination. You are welcome to explore the rest of our website, learn more about the full range of our services, and perhaps even apply for the free trial.

We have the international coverage

Galaxtel is a leading global provider of wholesale VoIP services to businesses big and small seeking to gain a premium international reach at an incredibly low cost. Our extensive network of international telecom partners and strategically placed infrastructure enables us to give you the most reliable, professional service along with class leading call quality regardless of your location, that of your customers or any connected party in-between.

We’ve got the experience & know-how

The galaxtel team comprises of IT and VoIP experts who have gained years of experience in the associated technologies and practices of the VoIP industry. This, combined with our deep understanding of growing businesses’ communication needs and superb A-Z VoIP termination solutions makes us the obvious VoIP choice of hundreds of companies across the globe.

We love connecting businesses

Say goodbye to the old school, costly and limited nature of standard telephony. Say hello to Galaxtel’s VoIP magic which lets you enjoy uninterrupted inbound and outbound calls anywhere in the world at minimal rates. Thanks to our powerful network of industry leading partners, your customers, service providers and customer service representatives will be connected effortlessly regardless of any varying devices used in the process.

We’d love to work with you

Galaxtel is always on the lookout for professional collaborations that work both ways. If you haven’t already, explore our VoIP partners and resellers program, where we offer different partnership tracks. Let’s start up a business friendship based on the absolute best wholesale VoIP termination service and technology available! Discover our newly launched VoIP Resellers Program.

galaxtel has years of experience deploying and maintaining VoIP termination networks in any virtually possible scenario; challenging environments, packet loss, jitter, latency, earthquakes causing high network congestions and more. We’ve been there, done that.

Optimized VoIP Termination Network

Each of our POPs is actively monitored both by itself, its surrounding network neighborhood and by external probers. Each VoIP termination POP knows how to route its traffic for optimal path or, in case it is unable to deliver, let a redundant POP replace it so it doesn’t process calls in an inadequate network environment.

And all of this is offered for a fraction of the cost amateur wholesale VoIP providers offer. You’re invited to explore our list of unbeatably affordable low VoIP termination rates.

Optimized Voice Monitoring

galaxtel’s monitoring systems are smart. Our proprietary technology automatically engages voice calls to a selected number of destinations through its termination carriers.

How do we do it? By running audio analysis for each call, we can tell exactly when something goes wrong, even identify the hiccup’s source if it’s one of our carriers!

Optimized VoIP Security

We encourage our customers to take advantage of ZRTP, SRTP, SIP TLS and IPSec for secure voice communications.

Technical Facts

  • Our POPs are redundant, located in key internet hubs and exhibit minimum latency.
  • Anycast DNS network helps you connect    to the closest POP to your network.
  • Best effort not to transcode RTP streams.
  • Proprietary voice quality monitoring, keeping PSTN termination at top quality.

What makes our range of services stand out? Our network is expansive and reliable, which allows us to offer our core VoIP services: wholesale VoIP termination service and carrier-grade voice origination. Browse our website and discover the full range of our solutions, and remember that whatever your company’s voice communication needs, galaxtel has a solution that fits. Our market experience, industry grade technology and savvy IT support department all ensure a premium VoIP service for your business.